Carriage Contract

The shipper/you and the Company as the carrier acknowledge the following terms and conditions as mutually binding and legally enforceable conditions of agreement. Your acceptance of and compliance with the terms of this contract shall be deemed to have commenced upon payment of freight.

I. Responsibilities and commitments of the shipper and the carrier:

  1. The shipper or you and your appointed agent guarantee that the consigned goods are in accordance with the national laws and the goods that are acceptable to the transportation department and not against the will of the carrier. Our company, the carrier, refuses to carry the following items::
    1) Flammable, perishable, toxic, explosive, anti-personnel, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods
    2) Drugs or drug-related equipment
    3) Currency, VAT invoices, other tax stamps or securities, gold, silver, antiques, precious metals
    4) movable objects
    5) correspondence of a correspondence nature
    6) Goods that do not meet the requirements of the Laws of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Product Quality, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, and other administrative regulations, departmental rules and national mandatory standards
  2. The shipper or you promise that the Company has the right to abandon or refuse to accept items that are unsuitable for express transportation, that are intentionally or unintentionally concealed from the true name and value of the item, and that are expressly prohibited by national law from being carried, mailed or transported. In case of violation, the shipper or you are willing to bear all legal and economic compensation responsibilities arising therefrom.
  3. The shipper or you and your appointed agent guarantee to accept and pay the published freight rates of the articles and the related storage, return and forwarding costs.
  4. Once the shipment is signed for at the warehouse, if the shipment is returned or forwarded to other places in China, a handling fee of RMB 10 per shipment will be charged, and the shipping cost will be subject to customer service quotation on the same day
  5. We are not responsible for any loss, omission or change in shipping charges in the following cases: Case 1: The seller issues one waybill number, but the package contains two or more customers’ shipments, resulting in one customer not being able to claim the other shipment.
    The customer must contact the seller to ensure that the seller ships only the goods of that customer with the waybill number
    Scenario 2: (Customer purchases two or more shipments) The seller provides only one waybill number to the customer, but in fact the seller ships the customer’s shipment with two or more separate waybill numbers, resulting in the customer not being able to claim the other shipment
    * Customer should contact the seller to get other correct waybill number for claiming. * The customer must contact the seller to obtain another correct waybill number for claiming*
  6. The goods must be sent within 90 days of arrival at the warehouse, otherwise they will be treated as abandoned and disposed of by the company itself, and the owner cannot object.
  7. All the first weight or renewal weight less than 1 kg (KG) will be calculated as 1 kg (KG)
    * Example 1: The total weight of all goods is 0.99 kilogram(KG), the order will be calculated by 1 kilogram(KG)*
    * Example 2: The total weight of all goods is 1.01kg(KG), the order will be calculated as 2kg(KG)*
  8. The weight is calculated in kilograms (KG) with an accuracy of 0.01kg, minimum 0.01kg.
  9. Please review carefully before submitting the order, if the order once confirmed, do not provide cancel the order, add goods in the order or change other channels services.
  10. Warehouse receiving time is 08:30am to 18:00pm daily, cut-off time: 17:00pm

II. The right to know about the goods being shipped.

  1. We have the right to be informed of the nature, quantity and weight of the goods to be transported in order to assist the relevant governmental authorities and transportation departments in the inspection or investigation of the goods to be transported.
  2. All items shipped on consignment will be subject to random sampling. If it is found that the goods do not meet the requirements of the “Contract of Carriage”, we will refuse to carry the goods.
  3. Our staff has the right to inspect the shipment and confirm that there is no contraband in the shipment.

III. Disclaimer:

  1. The Company is not responsible for any delay, loss, destruction or confiscation of goods caused by force majeure, such as war, riot, bad weather, flight delay, plane crash, typhoon, fire, flood, major traffic accident and serious natural or man-made disasters and various circumstances beyond the Company’s control or confiscation due to the cause of the goods.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for consequential damages or other non-subjective damages caused by the delay or loss of delivery of the items.
  3. We are not responsible for any delays, errors or losses in delivery due to the following reasons:
    a) For your reasons, such as wrong address, incomplete address, and wrong phone number, etc.; change of addressee’s address or undeliverable territory, etc.
    b) The goods entrusted by you are prohibited by the relevant national policies and laws, such as flammable, explosive, polluting, corrosive, toxic powders, water agents and other dangerous goods.
    c) Since our logistics service is based on the packaging at the time of receipt of the goods, you are responsible for any damage or liability arising from improper packaging, failure to meet the requirements for safe transportation of the goods, or marking of special materials (such as important goods, easily damaged goods, etc.) to our company.
    d) In order to protect the rights and interests of our customers, our warehouse will not unpack the goods for our members to check the quantity or quality of the goods, except for the inspection of the transported goods at the request of the governmental department and the transportation department or the regular random sampling survey of our company. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the quantity of goods, the nature of the goods and their characteristics.
    e) If the goods are confiscated by customs or delayed in customs clearance, the Company will not refund the shipping costs and will not bear the related losses.

IV. Lost Parts Handling:

  1. If there is a lost shipment, please contact customer service, if it is verified to be a logistics delivery problem, the maximum amount of compensation is 5 times the freight (air freight, sea freight small package up to 100 USD. (The maximum amount of sea freight commercial container is not more than 300 USD, please buy insurance for high value parcel)
  1. Any claims must be reported to customer service within 24 hours of receipt.
    a. Collector’s signature
    b. Screenshot of the proof of purchase and the corresponding courier bill number
    c. Collector’s account
    d. The actual weight of the goods received
    e. The photo of the outer package at the time of signing (need to have a clear single number)
  1. If the declaration is overdue, the Company will consider that the delivery has been completed in accordance with the regulations and will not accept it.
  2. After the lost goods are found, we will arrange to resend the goods, the found goods are not in the scope of compensation and will not be compensated.
  3. In case of any dispute, our company will reserve the right of final decision.

V. Logistics Claims Rules

  1. It normally takes about 7 working days to complete the compensation after the claim is determined.
  2. All compensation amounts are settled in RM.
  3. All compensation amounts will be refunded: All compensation will be transferred to the shipping account, no other account will be accepted for refund.

VI. Shipping Payment:

Orders can be paid by balance payment, Alipay, WeChat, MYR, Hong Leong Bank, etc.

VII. Customer’s shipping address:

  1. The logistics company will not deliver the goods on or on public holidays.
  2. For the protection of customers, the logistics company will only deliver to the address on the order.
  3. The address cannot be changed after the order is confirmed
  4. If the customer provides another work or home address other than the recipient’s own, we will not be responsible for any problems during the delivery of the goods.
  5. The dispatcher will contact the recipient by phone before delivery. If there is any other request, the customer can add a note at the end of the delivery address when filling in the delivery address.
  6. If the customer requests the delivery address is on a high floor, the logistics company will not deliver upstairs and will contact the customer to pick up the goods at ground level.

Policy of Purchasing Service

1.Best Muster purchasing service is mainly for the buyer to entrust Best Muster to complete the purchase transaction from the designated seller according to the purchase list provided by the buyer. If any party deliberately deceives or suffers from deception, Best Muster shall not be responsible for it

2.If the designated seller deliberately deceives, or delivers falsely, or provides wrong logistics information, or the item is lost during the delivery of China Express, or the item cannot arrive at Best Muster’s warehouse due to various reasons, Best Muster can be exempted from responsibility without any need to make any Compensation; however, Best Muster guarantees that it will try its best to obtain the compensation it deserves from the seller for its members

3.Best Muster will not make any compensation for the member’s failure to fill in the relevant requirements and details of the item, such as color or size, etc., resulting in the wrong purchase of the item by Best Muster

4.If Best Muster fails to purchase the item during the limited-time promotion period or misses any relevant special offers, or the seller modifies the price, or encounters the seller’s out-of-stock, or the buyer delays in paying the purchasing fee, Best Muster will not be responsible for this.

5.Best Muster is not a seller, it is just an entrusted purchasing agent. Purchasing service does not include inspection, Best Muster is not responsible for any item problems such as damage, wrong size, color difference or wrong goods, sellers sending less goods, etc.

6.Best Muster does not handle any returns or repairs, nor does it get involved in disputes between members and sellers

7.Best Muster reserves the right to withhold items from buyers who have not paid any fees (purchasing and shipping fees) until paid

8.Purchasing is when you entrust Best Muster to buy items, and shipping is when Best Muster sends your purchased items to the address provided by you. Generally, it takes 3 days for purchasing and 3-5 days for shipping. The whole process from purchasing the goods to the address you provide will take about 7-10 days. Best Muster is not responsible if the item cannot reach the destination within the budgeted time due to the seller’s late shipment, slow express delivery, flight delay, customs clearance delay, customs inspection, etc.

9.By using Best Muster’s purchasing service, it means that you have clearly understood and agreed to our terms, and related issues cannot be disputed in the future.

10.The final interpretation right of all agreements belongs to Best Muster

Policy of Payment Services

1.Best Muster’s payment service is mainly for buyers to entrust Best Muster to complete payment transactions to designated sellers. Best Muster is not responsible for any fraudulent or deceived parties.

2.Best Muster is not responsible for any delay in transferring the amount of money to the buyer’s member account, or insufficient amount, or delay or error in bank transfer, resulting in Best Muster’s failure to complete the payment entrustment within the time limit.

3.Best Muster is not a seller, but is entrusted to pay, if the designated seller deliberately deceives, Best Muster does not bear any responsibility

4.Best Muster does not handle or intervene in any disputes between members and sellers

5.Payment is when you entrust Best Muster to the seller to complete the payment transaction

6.By using Best Muster’s purchasing service, it means that you have clearly understood and agreed to our terms, and related issues cannot be disputed in the future。

7.The final interpretation right of all agreements belongs to Best Muster