Special Note:

  1. We are not responsible for any situation that occurs in transit food and fragile goods.
  2. We are not responsible for any problems during shipping of large furniture and electrical appliances, please pack well if you wish choose to ship.
  3. Guangzhou warehouse provide 90 days free storage fee on the date of inbound. After 90days, we will charges storage fees with RMB 5/day per parcel. Any item keep in our warehouse more than 120 days and without still not shipping arrangement, all item will treat as discarded.

Other notes:

  1. Need to communicate with Taobao sellers, goods issued such as separate 2 express or more than 2. Please provide all the logistics order and tracking number, for pre-alert purpose.
  2. The goods are only delivered to the destination. For such as the address building is a multi floor, please sign for the goods downstairs. We are not responsible to move the goods to your upstairs location.