Australia – Semenanjung Malaysia (Udara)

Jenis Bungkusan 1kg yg pertama 1kg seterusnya
Pengangkutan Udara MYR 26.00 MYR 26.00
* Timeline (hari berkerja saja) 3-4 hari berkerja
Jenis Bungkusan 50kg yg pertama 1kg yg seterusnya
Air Freight Commercial Parcel MYR 1200.00 MYR 24.00
* Timeline (hari berkerja saja) 3-4 hari berkerja
  1. Volume formula: (length x width x height) /6000, if volume weight is 10KG and actual weight is less than 10KG, actual weight will become the shipping weight. if free shipping weight more than 10KG, like volume weight 15KG, actual weight 4kg, this parcel will remark as half free shipping. means 9.5KG will take as shipping weight charges! If volume weight 15KG, actual weight 6KG, means is classified as free shipping, 6KG will take as shipping weight charges.
  2. Parcel unpack and direct packing, please remark for box request. Every packing box cost is MYR 6.80. If parcel length more than 150cm, extra long charges will cost at MYR 134, and the item also must acceptable by air freight.
  3. Every weight of single parcel must less than 68kg for west Malaysia. Extra charges for over weight item.
  4. If item cost value more than 100 USD, please use the high value shipping option.
  5. For all COVID case serius area, if logistics are stop running, please self collect.
  6. If parcel lose during out for delivery, the claiming are 3 time of the shipping fees/item value (minimum cost prefer) and the max value is MYR 500. No compensation for loss due to false reporting & damage during shipping. Valueables item are recommended to purchase insurance cover. Maximum claiming for SEA & Air Freight KG parcal MYR 500, CBM shipping below MYR 2000.

Bungkusan Komersial

  • minima 100KG
  • Sila hubungi kami untuk dapat tawaran khas
  • emel kami or Whatsapp