Guangzhou, China – Singapura (Laut)

Jenis Bungkusan 1kg yg pertama 1kg yg lain
Sea Freight
MYR 18.00 MYR 7.00
* Timeline (hari berkerja saja) 12-25 hari berkerja
Jenis Bungkusan Minima 1 CBM 0.1 CBM seterusnya
SEA Freight CBM base General Goods (Duties excluded)
MYR 370.00 MYR 37.00
SEA Freight CBM base Sensitive Goods (Duties excluded)
MYR 410.00 MYR 41.00
* Timeline (Hari berkerja saja) 12-25 Hari berkerja
  1. Controlled prohibited goods like Tobacco, wine, yellow disc, fireworks, white powder etc, are not accepted.
  2. Volume/6000 not packaged in separately, and need box for packing, cost MYR 6.8 will charges and lenght can’t more than 150cm.
  3. The sender will responsible for GST charges. GST charges = item value declare x MYR4.75 x 0.09; eg, if item value 100USD, the GST = 100 x 4.75 x 9% = MYR 42.75
  4. If parcel lose during out for delivery, the claiming are 5 time of the shipping fees and the max value is 100 USD. No compensation for loss due to false reporting. Valueables item are recommended to purchase insurance cover.
  5. Electronic cigarettes are contraband in Singapore, violation will result in a fine of MYR 3350 .


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