What is consolidation

After a customer has purchased goods from online shop, the goods are sent to the warehouse of a consolidation company for arrangement. Afterwards, the shipping company will repacks all goods to be one package according to the customer’s requirements, weighs, and calculates the shipping price, and sends to the designated destination at one time.

I. Register as member

First: Click on the VIP Member Centre link:http://member.best-muster.com

Step 1: Click on [Register Now] :

Step 2: Fill in your information

Username (required): it is recommended that enter mobile phone number that is easy for you to remember as your username.

Password setting (required): set your login password (at least 6 digits), re-enter your password for confirmation.

Email (required): fill in a valid email address to facilitate the receipt of information such as inbound, parcel tracking, special offers, etc.

Mobile phone number (optional): optional, may not fill in

Referrer number (optional): optional item, if there is a referrer, fill in the ID code of the referrer, if there is no referrer, do not fill in.

Step 3:

After reading the terms and conditions of the “Carriage Terms and Conditions”, check the box I have agreed to the “Carriage Terms and Conditions”; finally, click the [Register Now] to complete the registration.

II. Member Login

Step 1.
Fill your registered username or ID (ID only can be view after entering the member centre for the first time login).

Step 2.
Fill up your registered login password.

Step 3.
Enter the verification code in the order of the numbers appearing in the box on the right.

Step 4.
Finally, click [Login] to access the Member Centre.

III, Obtain warehouse address

Step 1: Member Login Center — Find [Guangzhou Warehouse Address] at the bottom of the Member Center page and click “Copy” to get your exclusive shipping warehouse address;

Step 2: Add your copied “Warehouse Address” as the receiving address on your shopping e-commerce platform, or provide it directly to the shipper to send the goods to the shipping warehouse.

IV. Parcels Forecast

Tracking Number: Log into the warehouse autimatically with you ID, no need manually add your parcel bill number, order submited after all information filled.

Goods name: refers to the name of the goods you want to ship (must be filled in truthfully, forecast), false fill in the consequences, such as uncertainty about whether the goods can be collected and transported, please consult from customer service.

Type of goods: general goods, sensitive goods.

Number of items: the number of parcel items.

Remarks (optional): a special items need to be remarked and informed to customer service.

V. add the receiving address

Step 1: click “Address Management” in Member Center

Step 2: Click on “Add a delivery address”, follow the prompts to fill in the correct delivery address information and save.

Tip: The newly added delivery address can only be used after approved. It is recommended that you add it in advance.

VI. Application for consolidation

Application for consolidation can only be done after the status of “In Storage” is displayed, if the status of “Pending Storage” is displayed, you are not allow to apply for consolidation for the time being.

Step 1.: Member Centre, click on “Apply for consolidation”.

Step 2: Once you have entered the “In-stock” interface, you can apply for a one-time consolidation of all goods or selected goods for consolidation according to your actual needs.

Step 3: Confirm the shipping package information and select the correct delivery address according to your needs.

Step 4: Payment Method Selection
Payment methods for consolidation support balance payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment and RM payment, WeChat payment is only available in China. Confirm the shipping information, choose the payment method that suits your actual situation and click “Apply for shipping”.