01. Can member reward points be used with other offers?

Yes, can they be apply together.

02. What are the restrictions on consignment of goods?

The following items are stipulated to be prohibited from being ship:
1.articles prohibited from circulation or delivery by national laws and regulations
2.dangerous goods such as explosive, inflammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic goods
3.live animals
4.improperly packaged articles that may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other mail equipment
5.other items that are not suitable for postal delivery conditions
Please consult customer service for more details!

03. How long can I receive the goods after payment?

Under Customs clearance normal schedule, West Malaysia & Singapore requie 1-2 working days to arrange delivery. East Malaysia require 2-5 working days to arrange delivery. And national holidays, double 11, double 12, 618 and other Taobao activities after the normal delivery time schedule will be affected.

04. The order cut-off time for each day?

Sunday to Friday before 18:00, closed on Saturday.

05. Will the freight be calculated by actual weight or volumetric weight?

If the actual weight is less than the volume weight within 10KG, the actual weight will be billing. If more than 10KG, will charges as half throw billing (for example: volume weight 15KG, the actual weight 6KG, 15-6 = 9KG that is the actual weight 6KG billing, volume weight 15KG, the actual weight 4KG, 15-4 = 11KG, that is half throw billing: (actual weight + volume weight)/2 billing)

06. How do I know the goods have arrived at warehouse?

You can follow our WeChat or log on to our website to track your parcel, and the weight will be displayed when your parcel in our warehouse.

07. How long can I store my goods in the warehouse?

90 days free storage, after that time we will charge RMB 5/day. After 120 days, if the goods are not collected, they will be treated as abandoned.

08. This is my first time using Shipping system, what do I need to do?

It’s easy and only 4 steps
Step 1: Register as a member and get your exclusive shipping address.
Step 2: Use your delivery address when shopping online.
Step 3: After delivery by the seller, log in to the membership system and track your bill number, courier company and product name.
Step 4: Once the goods have arrived (you can track in the system), log in to the membership system and apply for packing and delivery, and make payment.

09. Will my parcel be taxed?

Parcels from Malaysia with a declared value of less than 100 USD and less than 20 kg from West Malaysia (less than 10 kg from East Malaysia) will rarely be taxed, while parcels from Singapore with a declared value of less than 250 USD will 99% not be taxed.